Source: (2007) Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. 27(3):387-400.

The focus of this article is on examining the civil and human rights of Muslims in America and the bias and prejudice that they encounter in their local communities. The paper includes a list of Muslim, national, and international civil and human rights organizations, and examines their functions. The significant functions of these organizations include providing educational opportunities for Muslims, as well as for non-Muslims, to foster cooperation and promote understanding through dialogue within and between communities. The importance of Muslim involvement with, and contribution to, these organizations, is emphasized; and Muslims are encouraged to access the services of these organizations more fully and in a proactive manner to help reduce the marginalization they currently face. The significance of political participation on the part of the Muslim communities in the wider American society is noted, and the techniques and methods of restorative justice are examined and recommended for adoption. The paper concludes with the assumption that these organizations and affiliations can help protect the civil liberties of Muslims in the US by developing within the community, a political milieu that is conducive to the protection of human rights and promotion of justice.