Source: (2006) In, Report on the 2006 COnference -- 'Beyond Retribution.' Aukland, NZ: Prison Fellowship New Zealand. pp. 51-57.

It is shameful in terms of its social cost. Of course there are some very bad people who have to be in prison because they are too dangerous to be let out, but in very many more cases, lives that are already badly messed up – because of illiteracy, drug addiction, mental problems, abuse, dysfunctional family histories, unemployability – are going to be messed up even more when these people come out of prison. is is because, as two wellpublicised reports1 have illustrated in the last few months, prisoners spend most of their time doing nothing at all while inside – nothing to make them more productive and employable citizens when they come out. And the unsurprising result is that 51 per cent of them are back inside within five years of release. (excerpt)

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