Source: (2009) Australia and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference 2009: Conference Proceedings. Pg. 285-293.

This paper will raise questions about the intensification of punitive rehabilitation in New South Wales by examining two new developments in community corrections, the Community Offender Support Program (COSP) and the proposed introduction of an intensive corrections order (ICO) to replace the periodic detention order. The Program is said to be able to offer short term and crisis accommodation for offenders, enhanced supervision for those experiencing difficulty on community orders, rehabilitative experiences, and assistance to make connections with community services needed for reintegration. COSPs are classified as residential centres for offenders on community based orders. However most of those to be built in 2009 are to be located in the grounds or adjacent to correctional centres and are best characterised as punitive not rehabilitative regimes. One of COSP’s purposes is to manage offenders who find it difficult to comply with the multiple and intrusive conditions of the ICO. I suggest that these developments are much more likely to recycle offenders through the correctional system than they are to reintegrate them. (Authors abstract)