Source: (1998) Auckland District Court, 24 April 1998

This document presents the sentencing notes of Judge S. A. Thorburn of the District Court of Auckland (New Zealand) in the matter of the Queen v Patrick Dale Clotworthy. Mr. Clotworthy committed and pled guilty to certain violent offenses. As part of the criminal justice process subsequent to the arrest and charging of Mr. Clotworthy, and prior to sentencing in court, a restorative justice conference occurred in which the victim and Mr. Clotworthy participated. The judge’s sentencing notes recount the facts of the case, the substance and outcome of the restorative justice conference, and the positions of the Crown, the victim, and the offender with respect to the issue of formal sentencing. In view of all aspects, Judge Thorburn imposed a sentence of two years imprisonment (suspended), reparations, and community service.