Source: (2001) NSWCCA 353 (28 June). New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal. Downloaded 16 November 2005.

In Regina v. Hami Qutami, the Crown or government appealed against the sentence imposed by the District Court upon Hami Qutami for the offense of soliciting to murder. The District Court sentenced Qutami to imprisonment of four years, five months, and twenty one days, with a non-parole period of eleven months and twenty one days. The Crown appealed on grounds of the inadequacy of the sentence. This document summarizes the facts of the case; the District Court judge’s findings which led to the sentencing disposition (including the offender’s religious and cultural background, current social situation, the community setting and support, emotional state, medical state, character, and prospects for reconciliation with the prospective victim and restoration of community harmony); the Crown’s arguments for a more severe sentence; and the Court of Criminal Appeal’s ruling.

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