Source: (2007) In Robert Mackay, Marko Bosnjak, Johann Deklerck, Christa Pelikan, Bas van Stokkom, and Martin Wright, ed., Images of Restorative Justice Theory. Frankfurt, Germany: Verlag fur Polizeiwissenschaft. Pp. 186-204.

"This contribution concentrates on the mediation process itself and is meant to open some perspectives on the question why mediation seems to work. In this chapter we therefore begin by going deeper into the practical, emotional and existential consequences of events such as serious crime both for the victim and the offender. We use the metaphor of the 'flow of life'. Making a distinction between the autonomous and the heteronomous part of society in a second step, we go more deeply into the double scope of redress: doing justice on the one hand, and enlarging one's freedom on the other. In the last step we reflect on the mediation process itself and how freedom is enlarged." (abstract)