Source: (2002) In the Provincial Court of Alberta between: Her Majesty the Queen and C.L.T., a young person within the meaning of the Young Offenders Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. Y-1.

This document presents the reasons given by Judge S.E. Lipton, Provincial Court of Alberta, for his disposition of a particular case. On May 31, 2002, final arguments were given by counsel with respect to charges for which C.L.T. (the “young person"?) had earlier entered guilty pleas. Pursuant to the guilty pleas, counsel for the Crown asked the court to impose on the young person a sentence of two years secure custody followed by probation, a weapons prohibition, and a DNA order. Counsel for the young person, agreeing with the weapons prohibition and making no submission with respect to the DNA order, asked the court to impose a sentence of probation. The document covers the agreed facts of the case, background information on the young person and the victim, analysis of the case by the judge, the judge’s reasoning on the age of the offender and the sentencing provisions of the Young Offenders Act, and the judge’s disposition of the case.