Source: (2010) In, Robert j. Schreiter, et. al, editors, Peacebuilding: Catholic theology, ethics, and praxis. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books. pp. 92-124.

A proposal for such an integrated ethic, or at least the essentials of one, I unfold in this chapter. While it shares the concern of the other essays in this volume with theology, peacebuilding, and the tole of the church, it focuses distinctly on the political order. Though the church is often a participant in transitional justice, here I envision it as the articulator of an ethic to be practiced by political authorities. The ethic's orienting concept is reconciliation which I construe as a concept of justice and of peacebuilding that envisions a holistic, integrated repair of the wounds that ware and dictatorship leave behind. (excerpt)