Source: (2005) VORP News 26(8, December): 1-2. Fresno, California: Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) of the Central Valley, Inc. Downloaded 19 December 2005.

Mark and two friends vandalized John’s house. It seems John had “talked” to Mark’s exgirlfriend! Sadly, between the crime and the mediation, John’s father was tragically killed in an accident. John’s mother, Mary, now a widow, is the sole bread-winner. Her future is uncertain. Mary agreed to meet with the offenders to recognize the offense, talk about ways to make things as right as possible, and make promises for the future. As her grief and mourning continued, she realized she did not have the physical and emotional energy to participate in the mediation. I agreed to tell her story and work on a restitution agreement with the three young offenders. (We utilized a VORP “Carry Agreement” designed for certain mediations like this one.)(excerpt)

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