Source: (2008) Dissertation for degree of Doctor of Ministry. Asbury Theological Seminary.

The current context of escalating antisocial behaviours in Benin, in general, and in its major cities, in particular, demands that urban evangelical churches be freed from whatever is holding them back from offering an appropriate response to the situation. Biblical exploration of eighth century BC Israel and Judah coupled with earliest Christian movement's responses to social ills point to the reality that the fight against injustices in urban settings is an ancient scriptural tradition. When read from the perspective of current African theology of reconstruction, the narratives of Hosea's and Amos's prophecies compel Christians to engage the very roots of the plight that weak and powerless people now face in Cotonou and Porto-Novo. To this end, Christian congregations must be prepared to engage the failing voices that have tried and are still trying to respond to the social ill of antisocial behaviours in a critical manner. (excerpt)