Source: (2013) Farnham, Surrey, England : Ashgate Pub.

Contents: Foreword, John Braithwaite; Preface, Howard Zehr; Part I Reconsidering Restorative Justice: Prolegomena: Restorative justice philosophy through a value-based methodology, Theo Gavrielides and Vasso Artinopoulou; Aristotle on restorative justice: where the restorative justice and human rights movements meet Vasso Artinopoulou and Theo Gavrielides; The teachings of restorative justice, Gerry Johnstone; Problematizing restorative justice: a Foucaldian perspective, Giuseppe Maglione; Gatekeeping in restorative justice and related research, Anne Hayden. Part II Case Studies in Contemporary Society: The nexus between rights and restorative justice: using a case example of an organization 'C' - the right - or moral and spiritual claim - to recognition, Robert E. Mackay; Global justice, restorative justice and universal peace in the reality of international politics and state power, Christodoulos K. Yiallourides and Mersilia Anastasiadou; Institutionalizing restorative justice: paradoxes of power, restoration, and rights, Mara Schiff; Relationality in justice and repair: implications for restorative justice, Susan Sharpe; Rights and restoration in Canada: reflections on practice, law and theory, Brenda Morrison; Conflict resolution theory and practice: challenges that lie ahead, Maria Hadjipavlou. Part III Back to Basics for Restorative Justice: Returning conflict and justice to aboriginal peoples: restorative justice reconsidered, Judah Oudshoorn; Realizing the potential of restorative justice, Evelyn Zellerer; The African concept of Ubuntu and restorative justice, Marelize Schoeman; Restorative pain: a new vision of punishment;Theo Gavrielides; Epilogue: Reconstructing Restorative Justice Philosophy,Theo Gavrielides and Vasso Artinopoulou. (book contents)