Source: (2004) Reformative Explorations: A Psycho-spiritual and Crimino-social Quarterly on Correction and Reformation. 2(2): 153-169.

The Sycamore Tree Project, developed by Prison Fellowship International, is a program for prisoners to assist them in taking responsibility for their actions and to lead them from remorse to restitution. The program aims at achieving four objectives -- reconciliation, reparation, transformation and a reduction in reoffending. Sycamore Tree is a model of restorative justice applied within the context of a prison. It is an intensive 8 to 12 week faith-based in-prison program that brings groups of crime victims into prison to meet with groups of unrelated offenders. They discuss issues related to crime: its effect, the harm and how to set things right. Studies in North America and Europe have suggested that this kind of meeting can be useful for both victims and offenders. (excerpt)