Source: (2002) Canadian Institute for Peace, Justice and Security. University of Regina. Downloaded 5 May 2003.

In 2001-2002 various governmental agencies began a collaboration to reduce the incidence of young offender auto theft in Regina, Saskatchewan. The objectives are to reduce such theft through the following strategies: strict supervision and control of youth who are at risk of re-offending; a combination of enforcement and rehabilitation; and early intervention and education in crime and its consequences. The Saskatchewan Department of Corrections and Public Safety commissioned the Canadian Institute of Peace, Justice and Security to conduct a process evaluation of the Regina Auto Theft Strategy. In this document, the evaluators report their results of their evaluation in the following areas: an analysis of program foundations to establish original intent, goals, and philosophy; an analysis of the current goals, philosophies, and practices; a comparison of the original program to the current program; and the development and clear articulation of key measures.

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