Source: (2004) NSWSC 477 (28 May). New South Wales Supreme Court. Downloaded 16 November 2005.

I turn to some subjective matters. You will be 40 years of age in two days time. You have a criminal record which acts as a counter to leniency which otherwise might be extended to you. They are aggravating features, that you were at conditional liberty on bail in respect of offences which in fact were dealt with after your arrest and were subject to suspended sentences imposed in Brisbane District Court in March 2001. The crimes for which those impositions were made included two charges of robbery with actual violence whilst armed committed in May and June 2000 respectively. The period of suspension in accordance with the Queensland sentencing law was 5 years. I note the continuing support which you have from your mother and her observations of your improved condition whilst in custody. I accept the evidence of the Reverend Baynes of your expressions to him of distress about your taking of human life. I note steps taken in connection with fears that you may self harm. I further accept that you have expressed interest in restorative justice but this is a matter in which the attitude of the deceased's family is determinative. It is to your credit that you are apparently willing to offer. (excerpt)

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