Source: (2014) Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

This book provides a unique study of the practice of traditional reintegrative community justice in a European society, the Parish Hall Enquiry (PHE) in the Channel Island of Jersey. This is an ancient institution, based on an informal hearing and discussion of a reported offence with the alleged offender and other interested parties. (from WorldCat) Contents: 1 Introduction; 2 The Origins and History of Jersey's Honorary Police; 3 Research Strategy and Methods; 4 The Parish Hall Enquiry; 5 Compliance with Guidelines, and Available Figures for the Parish Hall Enquiry Process; 6 Components of Effective Practice in Community-based Justice; 7 Community-based Systems of Justice; 8 Restorative Justice in Jersey: Repair, Reconciliation and Reassurance; 9 Reintegrative Shaming in Action; 10 The Future for Community Justice in Jersey.