Source: (2011) In, Susanne Karstedt, et. al., eds, motions, crime and justice.Onati International Series in Law and Society. Oxford and Portland: Hart Publishing. PP. 169-191.

I argue that restorative justice theory can be strengthened and the practice improved by examining conferences as an interaction ritual. Furthermore, practitioners can learn from interaction ritual theory, improving their practice and encouraging long-term offender integration. Research in restorative justice has shown the potential for a positive impact on both victims and offenders. However, research has become stagnant in the field, with little more than comparisons of court versus conferencing currently being conducted. Braithwaite suggests that we need to go beyond these measures and develop a theory of restorative justice that can be used to improve and expand the practice. Here, I suggest this is possible by using interaction ritual theory to explore the micro-dynamics of a confernece. (excerpt)