Source: (-0001) Vermont Department of Corrections.

The purpose of this investigation is to assess the relative merits of reparative versus standard probation for the reduction in criminal re-offending. Data provided by the Vermont Department of Corrections, which included information from all fourteen Vermont District Courts, formed the basis for the analysis. All court convictions (n=34,471 dockets) for misdemeanor charges sentenced and remanded to the Vermont Department of Corrections for probation supervision for the years 1998-2005 were initially analyzed. To examine differential outcomes of standard versus reparative probation over a five-year period, the analysis utilizes complete data for 9,078 offenders sentenced for misdemeanor crimes to either standard or reparative probation during the years 1998-2000. This cohort of probationers was tracked for five years from the point of placement on probation to determine the probability of a new conviction either during or following the probationary period. (excerpt)

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