Source: (2003) Whitehorse, Yukon: Government of Yukon. Downloaded 4 February 2004.

This document consists of a research framework for a review of community justice in the Yukon done by Rose Kattackal for Yukon Justice. As Kattackal notes, a diverse range of interests influences community justice. These interests include justice committees, communities, criminal justice personnel, government (aboriginal and federal), non-governmental organizations, and the business community. Meetings were held with most of these stakeholder groups to determine and record their perspectives on community justice in Yukon. Based on these meetings and other research activities, Kattackal presents this paper. The paper covers a number of topics and issues: history and principles of community justice; research method and data; offenses and offenders; community justice approaches to dealing with crime and its effects; analysis of outcomes; management of community justice programs; and structures of community justice programs. To provide concrete information, a number of community justice programs in Yukon are profiled as well.

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