Source: (2001) Paper presented at the Theology and Culture: Peacemaking in a Globalized World conference. Bienenberg Theological Seminary, Switzerland, 25-29 June.

In this paper Ulrich investigates what many have perceived to be a conflict in Matthew’s gospel: on the one hand, Jesus commands his disciples to love their enemies (cf. Matthew 5:38-48); on the other hand, in much of Matthew’s narrative Jesus exhibits a sharply confrontational engagement with the religious authorities in Israel. Ulrich argues that Jesus’ teaching and example are consistent with each other in light of a text in Leviticus (19:-17-18) concerning reproof of one’s neighbor. Hence, the paper covers the notion of reproof in the Old Testament, Matthew’s understanding of reproof, Matthew’s teaching regarding enemies, Jesus’ example of love for enemies, and implications of all of this for Christians in applying Matthew’s narrative ethic.

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