Source: (2010) Written in the framework of the project entitled "Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prison Settings," no. JLS/2007/JPEN015-30-CE-0267156/00-39, financed by the Criminal Justice Programme 2008, European Commission, DG Justice, Freedom and Security. Budapest: National Institute of Criminology.

...this Handbook sees to support the preparation and implementation of the prison mediation pilot programme and to facilitate dialogue between stakeholders (offenders and victims, directly and indirectly affected family members, professionals, and members of the immediate and broader community). The Handbook is designed for professionals who think they can help perpetrators of serious crimes, their victims and others affected deal together with the damage caused by a crime, understand and clarify the needs of all affected people, and find ways to repair the damage done by participating as impartial mediators. (excerpt)

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