Source: (2010) Melinda Gyokos and Krisztina Lanyi, eds., European best practices of restorative justice in criminal Procedure. Budapest: Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, Republic of Hungary.pp. 59-66. pp. 72-77.

The use of mediation in Sweden is only starting up, although Norrbotten as a county has been widely applying it since 2004. Peer mediation work is not carried out all over the country homogeneously. In Norrbotten, a peer mediation scheme was set up at Lulea Technical University in cooperation with the mediation and negotiation courses held there and with the Association of Local Authorities in Norrbotten. Peer mediation in Norrbotten became the first organisation devoted to the use and promotion of mediation in schools in Sweden on this scale. Today approximately 125 schools and have more than 360 mediation coordinators are involved in the work. In 2010 these will be providing a 15-hour-long training session in mediation to over 1,500 students. All other students at these schools will participate in a day-long workshop that will give them an insight into what mediation is and how it can help them resolve their conflicts. (excerpt)

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