Source: (2003) VOMA Connections. Spring(14): 7, 10. Downloaded 15 December 2003.

In this edition of his column in VOMA Connections, Russ Imarigeon highlights several resources for restorative justice and victim-offender mediation theorists and practitioners. With respect to accountability and victims, Immarigeon discusses Declan Roche’s Accountability in Restorative Justice (2003) and Heather Strang’s Repair or Revenge: Victims and Restorative Justice (2002). For restorative justice and social work, he looks at Reparation and Victim-Focused Social Work (2002), a collection of essays edited by Brian Williams. In terms of restorative justice and young people, he primarily considers two articles: J. McGrath’s “School Restorative Conferencingâ€? in Child Care in Practice 8:3 (July 2002), and C. Blatier’s “Toward a Constructive Response to Young Offenders: Reparation as the Levels of Justice and Individual Psychologyâ€? in Journal of Social Work Practice 13:2 (November 1999). As for the issue of introducing restorative justice to a new generation, he points to articles in Controversies in Critical Criminal Criminology (2003), edited by M. Schwarz and S. Hatty.

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