Source: (2003) In Tricia S. Jones and Randy Compton, eds., Kids Working It Out: Stories and Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Pp. 251-264.

Violence based on prejudice and hate exists worldwide. In this chapter, Priscilla Prutzman asks what can be done to reduce and prevent such prejudice, hatred, and violence. She responds by highlighting bias awareness and its role in counteracting and preventing violence. She also identifies connections between bias awareness and the larger field of conflict resolution. More specifically, Prutzman highlights issues that emerge in integrating bias awareness into conflict resolution education in school settings. Many of the insights come from her work as director of Creative Response to Conflict, an organization based in New York and known for its conflict resolution programs focusing on cooperation, communication, affirmation, bias awareness, problem solving, and mediation.