Source: (2003) Utah Law Review. 2003(1): 43-56. University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. Downloaded 13 October 2003.

Kathy Elton and Michelle Roybal begin this article with a brief survey of changes in juvenile justice in Utah over a ten year period in response to particular incidents of violence among troubled, at-risk, and violent youth in Utah. The focus and tone of legislative change in the juvenile justice system during that period was offender-oriented and retributive. Little or no attention was paid to crime victims or to direct involvement of the community in the juvenile justice system. The authors go on to say that the same statements can be made about the adult criminal justice system in Utah. Against this background, Elton and Roybal explore the current criminal justice system with a focus on how restorative justice philosophy can improve the quality of justice in resolving criminal cases.