Source: (2003) International Journal of Refugee law. 13(1/2): 123-141.

As indicated in the title of this article, Ana Garcia Rodicio aims to offer a new theoretical approach to voluntary repatriation by reflecting on the actual situation of Cambodian returnees in terms of “restoration of their life" in Cambodia. By “restoration" Rodicio refers to the process of going back and starting life again in the country of origin for a person who had been exiled for any reason. Rodicio considers all of this within the conceptual framework of restorative justice. Rodicio’s analysis of the process and development of a new theoretical approach build upon two case studies that highlight the approach of two returnees towards their own reintegration processes upon return to Cambodia in 1992-1993. In particular, Rodicio examines the interconnectedness of three concepts: repatriation; reintegration; and reconciliation.