Source: (2006) Resolution: News from the Restorative Justice Consortium. 21(Winter 2006): 4-5.

Since the project began in September 2003 a comprehensive training programme has been developed to provide staff,pupils and parents with a range of positive strategies for addressing issues of behaviour and attendance. 18 partner schools, from Primary,Secondary and Special EBD schools make up the Behaviour Improvement Project in Sefton. All the schools appointed a Lead Behaviour Professional (LBP) who leads the training and cascading of training to all staff.The LBP is a senior member of staff who models appropriate positive interventions with all members of the school community. As the schools had adopted solution focussed ways of working,a move towards formal restorative practice seemed sensible.In May 2004 close links were developed with the Sefton Centre for Restorative Practice which has led the development of Restorative Practice, and the centre's staff provided Real Justice Training for BIP schools. (excerpt)