Source: (2002) With an introduction by Gordon Bazemore and Mara Schiff. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing Co.

Through a variety of papers, this book provides a survey of the restorative community justice movement. While not attempting a definitive presentation of this movement, it covers significant issues with respect to theory and practice, all within the context of core principles of restorative community justice. The organization of the papers follows these major emphases: Part I contains a substantive introduction by the editors; Part II addresses foundations of restorative community justice; Part III addresses the context of restorative community justice in terms of stakeholder and organizational roles; Part IV addresses the content of restorative community justice in terms of practice and intervention; Part V addresses critical perspectives on the restorative community justice ideal; and Part VI addresses the future of restorative community justice. Contributors represent experiences in a number of countries and include leading theorists, researchers, and practitioners in restorative justice and community justice.