Source: (2003) Correctional Services Canada.

his literature review will provide a comprehensive examination from which to understand the emerging worldwide interest in the application of restorative principles to the prison environment. In order to provide a context from within which to understand the concept of 'restorative corrections' (sometimes referred to as 'restorative detention'), a number of issues will be addressed in this paper. First, the definition, principles and practices of restorative justice will be discussed. Second, international perspectives on the idea of restorative corrections will be examined. Countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa and Canada will make up this international analysis. Third, a number of concerns and/or challenges regarding restorative corrections will be addressed. Fourth, similar themes as well as different perspectives that exist internationally regarding restorative corrections will be identified and discussed. Lastly, this literature review will then conclude by providing some suggestions as how a restorative corrections system should fit within the larger context of the criminal justice system in general. (excerpt)

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