Source: (2001) Collection of papers presented at a conference hosted by the Churches’ Criminal Justice Forum. London: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, Churches’ Criminal Justice Forum.

This collection consists of papers and workshops presented at a conference, Restorative justice – What’s it all about? The conference was organized by the Churches’ Criminal Justice Forum (CCJF). The purpose of the conference was to provide an opportunity for people who want to know more about restorative justice and its relevance for Christians. CCJF grew out of initiatives in the late 1990s in which various Christian denominations collaborated in a forum to address issues pertaining to women in prison. In 2001 this forum became the Churches’ Criminal Justice Forum, the official British ecumenical church body in criminal justice matters. CCJF sees restorative justice as offering potential for changing sentencing practice – and, more expansively, as the way whereby society can right the harm caused by crime. Conference papers and workshops cover restorative justice in relation to the adult criminal justice system, prisons, youth justice, and the community.

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