Source: (2001) Kingston, Ontario: Restorative Justice Program, Queens Theological College.

This magazine-sized publication serves as a resource on restorative justice from a Christian point of view. Including material from many people, it consists of a number of articles and special features covering many topics. For example, different authors cover a variety of matters relating to the nature and purpose of restorative justice, among them the following: justice that restores; healing instead of punishing; reconciliation and prison chaplaincy; grace; the cost of restoration; reconciliation in capital murder cases; and the roots of forgiveness in the Christian faith tradition. One article specifically deals with the Scriptural bases of restorative justice. Other articles present principles of restorative justice, restorative justice initiatives, and a history of victim offender reconciliation. Helpful information is also provided for those who want to explore additional resources: important books and web sites on restorative justice; university and college programs; resource people in restorative justice; contact information for relevant organizations; and prayers for use in criminal justice settings.