Source: (2005) Vancouver, B.C., Canada: The British Columbia Institute Against Family Violence. Downloaded 18 May 2005.

This literature review will examine whether current research shows restorative justice to be a safe, effective criminal justice response to cases of intimate partner violence in Canada. ‘Restorative justice’ will be defined in the literature review itself, through an examination of relevant literature and practice. ‘Intimate partner violence’ will be discussed as defined by British Columbia’s Violence Against Women in Relationships Policy (VAWIR). For the sake of brevity, the term ‘intimate violence’ will be used. The term “victim’ will refer generally to victims of crime, including crimes of intimate violence. The term ‘survivor’ will refer specifically to victims of crimes of intimate violence. The primary focus of this research paper will be on adults. Where available materials analyzing intersectionalities such as race, ethnicity, culture, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, age, and poverty will be included. Where there is a significant body of literature (for instance regarding Aboriginal peoples), a separate analysis will be included. (excerpt)

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