Source: (2012) An Institute of Public Safety and Social Justice White Paper. The Adler School.

The purpose of this paper is threefold. First, it provides a brief overview of the philosophy of restorative justice, the range of practice, and the evidence base behind the practices. Second, it provides an overview of how restorative practices are currently being used in two very different metropolitan contexts, Chicago, IL and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. This case study approach is used to draw out the different ways that formal systems and policies encourage or limit the potential of restorative practices. Third, it recommends expanded research, policy, and practice agendas that could further mainstream and align restorative justice in more formal ways. Ultimately, we hope this paper will be a useful primer and tool for practitioners, researchers, advocates, lawmakers, lay people and justice professionals alike. We highlight the core elements and philosophies of the practice, provide an initial analysis of how those characteristics and philosophies are currently being implemented, and discuss ways in which they can be expanded. (excerpt)

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