Source: (1998) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre.

A mediator, facilitator, and trainer in private practice, Susan Sharpe wrote this book on behalf of the Edmonton Victim Offender Mediation Society, now the Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre. The purpose for the book is to help communities establish and sustain sound restorative justice practices and programs. Part 1 details the case for restorative justice. This includes a description of the current situation in Canadian criminal justice, the need for change, principles of restorative justice, and arguments for making the commitment to restorative justice. Part 2 moves from theory to the practice of restorative justice. General information about using a restorative justice process (goals, criteria for case selection, and challenges) leads to overviews of current restorative justice practices (victim-offender mediation, community conferencing, and community peacemaking circles) and advice on developing sound practices. Part 3 extends the discussion on the practice of restorative justice to concrete elaboration of designing and running sound restorative justice programs. Several important areas are covered in this part: the community basis of restorative justice; touchstones for restorative justice programs; features of strong restorative justice programs; key program decisions; and pitfalls to avoid. Appendices provide resource contacts in Canada, recommended written resources for training and program operations, and materials for further exploration of restorative justice.