Source: (2008) Final report of AGIS Project JLS/2006/AGIS/147. European Forum for Restorative Justice.

This report is written in the context of the European Commission co-funded AGIS project JLS/2006/AGIS/147, which was awarded to the European Forum for Restorative Justice in the course of 2006. In the remainder of this introductory chapter, we will describe this project and its instruments, and we will set out the methodology used in the research work that preceded the writing of this report. In Part II of the report, the European restorative justice scene will be described, both in terms of its appearance in the practical field and in terms of national legal provisions. In addition, the common needs which may have an influence on international policy making will be itemised, based on the results of empirical research done. Part III will provide a detailed overview of the initiatives in the field of restorative justice taken by the three main international institutions: the Council of Europe, the United Nations and the European Union. A comparison of the main instruments adopted by these three institutions will be made. In Part IV, the evolving role of the European Union in the field of criminal justice will be explored. Finally, Part V will describe which role can be seen for the European Union in the further development of restorative justice. Concrete ideas and proposals will be formulated. (excerpt)