Source: (2004) Paper presented to the conference on 'Restorative justice at the coalface: working with victims, offenders and stakeholders in crime', 23-24 June, The Assembly Rooms, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Downloaded 31 March 2005.

We have been appointed by the Home Office to evaluate the three restorative justice schemes funded by them under the Crime Reduction Programme from mid-2001. For schemes funded by government, it is a requirement that there be an evaluation by a team of researchers who are entirely independent of the running of the schemes themselves. Hence the title of this talk: 'Restorative justice: an independent evaluation'. The three schemes, which I shall describe, are very different, but they share four key parameters, which make the task of running the schemes and our own task of evaluating them exciting, path-breaking and sometimes rather exasperating. (excerpt)