Source: (2001) Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

In 1999 the Restorative Justice Group in the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, conducted a conference on restorative justice. The purpose of the conference was to shift the debate about restorative justice. Rather than debate which part of the state would "control" restorative justice, the aim was to discuss restorative justice in terms of the question of control either by institutions of civil society (e.g., schools, families, private workplaces, churches) or by institutions of the state (e.g., the police, courts, juvenile justice). This book, then, is a collection of essays by a variety of people on a number of topics pertinent to civil society and restorative justice. Contributors include academicians and practitioners in law and criminology from around the world, but particularly from Australia and North America. Near the end, the book includes a significant bibliography of writings relevant to the many topics addressed throughout the essays.