Source: (2007) Address given at the Restorative Justice and Community Prosecution Conference held by the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA), on Wednesday, 21 February 2007,in Cape Town.

Because we live in a country in which citizens are extremely concerned with the levels of crime, especially violent crime, punitive sentencing is seen by many as a way to prevent crime and preserve the social order. Regardless of this, more and more people are beginning to ask whether this is the only approach in resolving disputes. There is an increasing sense of dissatisfaction and frustration with the current offender-focused criminal justice system that openly excludes the victim and the community. Over the past decade a new way of thinking about how we should view and respond to crime and delinquency has been gaining ground around the world as well as SA; and is beginning to exercise a significant influence on criminal justice policy and practice. (excerpt)