....I am very interested in overseas adoption and restorative justice based on tolerance, forgiveness, and repentance. First of all, I would like to research how to apply restorative justice to overseas adoption. I strongly believe that the three parties in restorative justice such as victims, criminals, and community are similar to birth families, adoptive families, and adoptees in the adoption structure. Therefore, I believe this research allows me to contribute more to family law, and hopefully one day to help others to improve the adoption structure. 

In addition, participating in the Moot Court Competition on the rights of children, I realized that a peaceful approach is needed in relation to children's rights and international law. Along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) emerged as international law, having 191 member countries agree to its basic purpose of “maximizing the interests of the child." 

Based on the spirit of the CRC, the International Child Abduction Convention was created to prevent disputes between countries and contribute to the proliferation of peace between countries as well as to the human rights of the child, emphasizing "the best interests of the child." 

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