Source: (2009) Restorative Justice Online

The Government spends more than RM30 per day for every prisoner and as to date, we have 40,000 prisoners around Malaysia. Even though the cost incurred is extremely high (RM511,100,000 annually), the crime rate continues to rise. The problem with the system nowadays is too much focus is rendered upon the offences committed by the concerned individuals and the rehabilitation of their behavior, rather than restoring the position of the crime victims back to their status quo, which would also be a move that is prudent and in line with universal humanistic objectives. The lack of self consciousness and accountability towards the crime, which is structured by the prison system itself means that at the moment, the system is not the best option with regard to preserving social justice. A theory that is founded upon responsibility and accountability has the potential to be an effective mechanism of to reduce the national crime rate. As a result, the Government’s expenditure and the cost of crime can be reduced. (author's abstract)

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