Source: (2009) Resolution: News from the Restorative Justice Consortium. Summer 2009:4-5.

On the 21st May 2009 at Egrove Park,Oxford, 120 people attended the launch of the Oxfordshire Young Victims of Crime project; one of several Home Office initiatives intended to improve support for young people who have been hurt through crime.Pete Wallis, the Restorative Justice lead for Oxfordshire Youth Offending Service, gave an overview of the project, explaining that it was founded on two main philosophies - Restorative Justice and Protective Behaviours. In his address Pete commented that 'Protective Behaviours and Restorative Justice were a perfect match'. Many of the audience would have been familiar with the principles and concepts of RJ but it is likely that fewer of them had heard of Protective Behaviours (PBs). So what is PBs, how does it work and how does it complement RJ so well? (excerpt)