Source: (2002) New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

A professor of law at the Australian National University in Canberra, John Braithwaite is a scholar of restorative justice and responsive business regulation. In this book he brings these two fields together, thereby expanding the significance of each. He aims to integrate restorative justice perspectives on criminology into the sphere of business regulation, and responsive regulatory perspectives on business regulation into the sphere of restorative justice. Not only does he extend restorative justice ideas to business regulation, he urges the extension of restorative justice to economic development, international peacekeeping, and transformation of the entire legal system. In this vision the application of restorative justice principles and practices can help to achieve a more crime-free society, a more efficient and fair legal system, better development of the human and social capital of our young, and a more peaceful world. To advance his arguments, Braithwaite surveys restorative justice and its antecedents; the theory of and application of responsive regulation; theories concerning the effectiveness of restorative justice; concerns about restorative justice; and the significance of restorative justice and responsive regulation to international peacemaking, sustainable development and the potential transformation of the legal system.