Source: (2001) In Bringing restorative justice to adolescent substance abuse, ed. Kathryn G. Herr. Special issue of Youth & Society 33 (December), 314-328. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

As Shenk and Zehr point out, this issue of Youth & Society opens a dialogue between two fields that generally have developed in separation from each other: restorative justice and adolescent treatment. In their judgment, this conjunction implies a significant change both in the practice of justice and the treatment of young people, and a more integral relationship between justice and treatment. With this in mind, the authors explore paths that might benefit from further exploration. They begin with clarification of the concept of restorative justice. Then they examine the following matters: harms, causes, and obligations; offenders as victims; shame and vindication; and fundamental changes in the basic questions of justice. They also look at dangers for restorative justice, and ways to stay true to restorative justice.