Source: (2001) Clergy Journal. April. Downloaded 14 September 2005.

The theological enterprise is always at risk of remaining theoretical, artful, and inspiring, yet ultimately insipid if not brought to life in the concrete. We live and work in community, in the realm of interpersonal relationships, and we all know intimately the joys and challenges of being together, given our differences. Who among us has not felt pain in relationships? Who has not felt regret and remorse as one who evoked pain? Still, while we preach reconciliation and restoration, we may have few compelling personal experiences to fuel our convictions. My experience with restorative justice has put flesh on the bare bones of my theology of reconciliation and vigor into my convictions. I feel as if I've moved from simply preaching reconciliation to participating in it, facilitating it, and living it in fuller measure. It began in this way. (excerpt)