Source: (2008) In Ivo Aertsen, Jana Arsovska, Holger-C. Rohne, Marta Valinas, and Kris Vanspauwen ed., Restoring Justice after Large-scale Violent Conflicts. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 392-410.

"In this chapter we will try to gain a better understanding of the role and the relationship of these seemingly incompatible goals of peace and justice. How have they affected the transitional process in the DRC? We argue that restorative justice could offer some elements to reconcile peace and justice, or to mutually reinforce one another. To elaborate on this argument, we will take a closer look at the roles that restorative justice principles - through formal and informal justice mechanisms - have played in enhancing or in inhibiting the peace and justice process in the DRC." (abstract)