Source: (2003) London, UK and Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications in association with The Open University.

Restorative Justice: Critical Issues is one of four volumes published by Sage Publications in association with The Open University. The series – entitled Crime, Order and Social Control – explores key issues in the study of crime and criminal justice. These volumes cover the diverse and contested nature of crime, the different formal and informal means of dealing with crime, and the multiplicity of approaches criminologists bring to bear on this field of study. This particular volume focuses, as its title indicates, on critical issues pertaining to restorative justice, an approach to crime that is rapidly becoming the focal point for debates about the future of criminal justice among academics, practitioners, and politicians. The book consists of key international essays that trace the development of restorative justice from its diverse beginnings to today’s global policies and practices. The essays are organized around four main themes: (a) theoretical and ideological origins of restorative justice; (b) key principles and substantive practices associated with restorative justice; (c) controversial issues and debates; and (d) future directions and possibilities.