Source: (2007) Romania: Editura Universitatii Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

This book provides contributions from the research and academic world on the movement and development of restorative justice within the reform of the juvenile justice systems of Romania and Great Britain. The authors present the potential the new movement for restorative justice could have on the reform of juvenile justice systems. Contributing authors present two critically different experiences, from Romania and Great Britain. They argue for rejecting the punitive interventions in youth justice and bring arguments for the effectiveness of restorative justice practices for dealing with the victims of crime and for diverting children and young offenders from criminal activity. This book is the result of the scientific cooperation between researchers and academics from Romania and Great Britain, and represents an important trend of the Europeanization of the scientific research and of comparative analysis among different countries in Europe. Multidisciplinary scientific approaches to the changes in criminal justice and in juvenile justice systems are welcome as they could contribute to the development of better strategies in crime prevention. (Abstract courtesy of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service,