Source: (2002) The Drawing Board: An Australian Review of Public Affairs. October 2002. School of Economics and Political Science, University of Sydney. 4 December 02.

Cunneen Reviews Restorative Justice and Family Violence edited by Heather Strang and John Braithwaite. After a brief description of restorative justice and the international movement supporting it, Cunneen delves into the issues surrounding the use of restorative practices in family violence. He does this by addressing three questions: (1) Does it Work?; (2) Why are feminists concerned?; (3) How will it affect Indigenous Women?. Cunneen also raises questions about the lack of research on the impact of restorative practices on family violence; the misconception that restorative justice and indigenous justice are synonymous; and the lack of recognition that cultural differences will impact the way restorative processes are viewed by participants.