Source: (2005) Paper presented at "The Next Step: Building Restorative Communities", IIRP 7th International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, 9-11 November, Manchester, England, UK. Downloaded 9 December 2005.

Director General Wanchai, of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, reviews the recent development of Family and Community Group Conferencing in Thailand. Before the introduction of a Western legal system, disputes were traditionally settled through an informal mediation committee in the village community. The Ministry of Justice began to train staff for a FCGC project after observing similarities with the New Zealand approach to family group conferencing. Existing laws, and a radio address by the prime minister, have lent support to implementing restorative practices in Thailand. The article describes some of the FCGC process and statistics as it has used by the Department with children since 2003.