Source: (2013) in, Katherine S. van Wormer and Lorenn Walkers, eds, Restorative Justice Today: Practical Applications. Los Angeles: Sage. PP. 53-61.

This chapter describes the use of restorative strategies to help children deal with conflict and bullying in the Hong Kong School system. Dennis Wong has done a great deal of advocacy work in the area of juvenile justice reform as well. He teaches restorative strategies he learned in the United States and adapted to workshops for individuals working in the school system in Hong Kong. Note the Chinese cultural values that are expressed in this essay, among them the value of filial piety, inner-directedness, and the expression of social disapproval for wrongs done. Although we editors do not generally condone the concept of integrative shaming, this concept is central to Dennis Wong's work in the prevention of juvenile delinquency and therefore to this chapter. (editor's description)