Source: (2001) With a foreword by DJ Carruthers. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

In this book the editors, Allison Morris and Gabrielle Maxwell, have collected studies of a variety of ideas and practices related to restorative justice for juveniles. Beginning with more theoretical perspectives on restorative justice, the book moves into chapters on restorative practices in a number of settings, before turning to chapters on critical issues stemming from those practices. Specifically, the chapters in Part 1 set the scene by introducing restorative justice and by comparing restoration and punishment; those in Part 2 cover conferencing, mediation, and circles as conducted in different countries around the world; and those in Part 3 deal with such issues as the restorative needs of victims, police involvement in restorative practices, the relevance of restorative justice to aboriginal people, and the impact of restorative justice practices on reoffending. Part 4 consists of a chapter by the editors in which they review key ideas and findings among the many chapters; their purpose is to identify ways to determine how restorative various practices are. Contributors to the book include leading theorists and researchers in restorative justice.